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Brittani Gassner

Director, Student Resource Center

Brittani came to the Student Resource Center in 2018 with ten years of experience in online higher education, including enrollment and re-enrollment services, academic advising, financial aid, instructional design, and teaching. She also holds certificates in online teaching and student affairs administration and has completed coursework toward a doctorate in higher and postsecondary education. Her immense knowledge and experience in online higher education enable her to identify student needs from multiple perspectives.
As director of the Student Resource Center, Brittani works with enrollment, admissions, student services, advising, financial aid, and retention for Central State University and Eastern Gateway Community College. She assists students in identifying their personal and professional goals and creating a path for reaching those goals.

Joining the team at the Student Resource Center was a strategic career move for Brittani. While working with for-profit higher education institutions earlier in her career, she saw the enormous debt students incurred to earn an undergraduate degree. She saw how debilitating the debt was and how it often caused students to abandon their studies before completing a degree. A firm believer in education as the foundation for upward mobility, Brittani decided that from now on, she would dedicate her career to providing individuals the opportunity to reach their higher education goals for free.

Brittani’s passion is bridging the gap between admission to a postsecondary institution and retention until graduation. She sees and understands the needs of adult learners who demand flexibility and personalization in their learning experiences. She creates a holistic approach to education and enrollment, providing an experience that is highly personalized, adaptive, and relevant.

Brittani holds a Master of Arts in higher and postsecondary education and a Bachelor of Arts in history.