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Daniel Jones

Chief Engagement Officer

Daniel’s 20-year career began in Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 90s, when he was part of a startup that aimed to reduce the overall cost of education by delivering college textbooks online at an affordable cost. Since then, Daniel has worked for educational companies like Cengage and Pearson, as well as in student recruitment and enrollment management. His professional experience gives him an invaluable perspective on how and where to address the hidden costs of higher education. Daniel has been with the Student Resource Center since 2017.

As Chief Engagement Officer, Daniel works with the Student Resource Center’s academic partners on a variety of projects with the goal of bringing down the overall cost of attending college. He also works with the Student Resource Center’s union partners to educate both leaders and members on the benefits of the Free College program. Daniel can be found discussing the Free College program at presentations, leadership trainings, staff meetings, and conferences across the country (and virtually). 

Daniel is driven by the belief that education has the power to transform lives. His passion for making higher education obtainable and affordable began with his own education, which he funded with loans and scholarships. He also credits the hard work and generosity of others for making college a possibility for him. Determined to pay it forward, his goal is to provide similar opportunities for others, especially working-class families and adults. 

Daniel obtained an Honors Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University and a Master of Arts from Miami University.