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Luis Rosa

Chief Student Experience Officer

As the Student Resource Center’s Chief Experience Officer, Luis Rosa helps to oversee the student enrollment process. 

Driven by a passion for helping students attain higher education, Luis takes great satisfaction in the knowledge that the work he does allows students to attend college without the obstacle of cost. Over his six years at the Student Resource Center, Luis has made an impact on thousands of students from all 50 states and several countries around the world. 

One of the original members of the Student Resource Center team, Luis has worked from the start to create and improve processes for student enrollment and support. He remembers one of the first students he helped navigate the enrollment process, one who struggled to even get started. “I worked with him closely throughout the enrollment process and kept in touch during his studies,” Luis recalls. “One of the best moments I have had working here was seeing him complete his degree.” 

Providing free education is important to Luis because of the rising cost of higher education and the resulting large amount of debt students across the country are left with upon graduation. It’s Luis’s objective to put a dent in that trend by helping to provide free college. Luis is dedicated to helping students earn a high-quality education without a lifetime of debt. 

Luis holds a Master of Education in higher education administration and a Bachelor of Business Communication.