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Manuela Rosa

Director, Community Partnerships

Manuela Rosa is the Director of Community Partnerships at the Student Resource Center. She has worked with the Student Resource Center since July 2020 to continue establishing, expanding, and supporting Student Resource Center partnerships with community-based organizations and to facilitate free college for their constituents. 

Manuela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Social Services from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and is a member of the Women’s Fund Leadership Council-at-Large. She has over twelve years of experience providing counseling and professional and vocational training for non-traditional students in higher education. Before working with the Student Resource Center, Manuela served many roles in South Coast, MA, advocating and guiding low-income students and their families to overcome educational and financial barriers and thrive beyond their obstacles. During her time at Bristol Community College, she was Director of the LifeWork Project and WiSe, a student and family self-sufficiency program that supports women balancing work, life, and school while earning a degree and living wage. 

Helping students identify their full potential and abilities and assisting underrepresented students who often come from low-income families is Manuela’s passion. Manuela believes poverty is a generational issue that must be addressed with education and training that respect cultural influences and differences in abilities. 

Fogo, Cape Verde Islands, is the place that Manuela calls home – she emigrated to the United States with her family in 1991. Manuela is a homebody who hates shoes and is excited about working remotely on her new career path.