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Michael Goldfarb

Senior Business Analyst

Michael Goldfarb is the Student Resource Center’s senior business analyst. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Arkansas and is slated to graduate with a Master of Science in business information systems and analytics in the Spring of 2021.

Before joining the Student Resource Center, Michael was the financial secretary and treasurer for a local union, where he applied knowledge of economic principles to record and report the organization’s financial position correctly. Michael’s experience also includes time in the United States Marine Corps, where he worked as an airframe mechanic in Okinawa, Japan.

Michael is a highly trained business and IT professional adept at data visualization, computational algorithms, and project coordination centered on communicating data insights. He is also trained in data processing, statistical analysis, and cleaning and loading data. He brings all of these skills to the Student Resource Center in his role as a business analyst.

Michael lives with his wife and three children in Arkansas, where they have a small farm with various animals and pets (including a llama). Michael loves to cook and has shared that passion with his children, who enjoy helping Michael with his culinary creations.