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Student Resource Center

We Harness Technology To Provide No and Low Cost Higher Education Options For America's Workers

The Student Resource Center is bridging opportunity and access for those seeking new skills and a college degree.  We empower students to realize their dream without the fear of overwhelming debt or the deadlines of traditional programs.

Shifting economic tides, evolving technology, and increased automation are disrupting America’s workforce. 

We have a solution to ensure we’re ALL prepared for the future of work. 

We unite, engage, and activate dynamic academic partners, enterprising labor unions, like-minded employers, and social and economic justice organizations, to offer a path for motivated, working learners to obtain a quality college education.  We meet our partners’ students where they are and support them through every step of their education journey.

Breaking barriers for the future of America

95 percent of our students have said that higher education is just not an option without us. We’re proud to be helping hundreds of thousands of students from all over the country change the trajectory of their families’ futures through truly accessible, radically inclusive education opportunities. No matter what our students’ motivation is, we’ll meet them there.

Driving economic mobility

Americans are weighed down by $1.6 trillion worth of crushing education debt.  No and low cost higher education options, powered by the SRC, provide working adults with the life-changing opportunity to learn new skills and earn advanced credentials online from boldly innovative colleges and universities.

Fostering success in a talent-based economy

In today’s competitive marketplace, our students are well-suited to thrive as they bring years of existing working experience while in pursuit of their education.  Understanding their diverse  and complex backgrounds drives our commitment to provide an advanced and supportive digital learning environment that allows students to engage when it works for them.  Our rigorous e-learning coursework uses innovative online tools to efficiently prepare our students for the future of work.