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The Faces Of America’s Workforce

Hardworking. Dedicated. Committed.

SRC is proud to serve a diverse community of hardworking individuals from all walks of life. Among our students are mothers juggling home and work, union craftsmen looking to advance their careers, young adults who are strengthening their education foundation, and police and fire fighters who are working long shifts to protect their fellow citizens.  All are driven by the desire to overcome previous education barriers with the support of the Student Resource Center.

Unlocking potential

Our students come from diverse backgrounds all with one goal in mind—to receive an education to empower themselves and their families.

I like that you can go to school 24/7,” she says. “You can fit it into your schedule and you don’t have to worry about missing class.” – Barnesa C


Within the timeframe from deadline to deadline I do have amazing flexibility. It works very well. If something comes up, I’m not going to miss class, I just do it a few hours later.” – Guaren L


“I thought, ‘oh, no, I’m in school, but it’s been pretty easy. I’m on the honor roll and I’ve gotten an A in every class I’ve taken. When I got the letter that I made honor roll, I thought, ‘Wow, I did it.” – Jason T

More doors will open. I’m a single parent, so it’s even more exciting that I can advance myself with this program.” – Lorraine L